Image: Dagfinn Bjørgen and Reidun Norvoll

Dagfinn Bjørgen and research scientist Reidun Norvoll is collaborating on the project “God pårørendeinvolvering i et brukerperspektiv” [Good involvement in a user perspective].

In accordance with The Norwegian Directorate of Health, users of health services are to be represented in all research projects the health institutions are involved in. KBT has solid experience in co-research. Below is a list of just some of the research projects our staff has been involved with.

Juni Raak Høiseth worked in the project “Terapeuters erfaringer med tilbakemeldinger fra pasienter”, which was led by Heidi Brattland.

Dagfinn Bjørgen contributed to the project “Alternativer til tvang I”.

Both Juni and Dagfinn are involved in the project “Tilhørighet på arbeidsplassen” and “God pårørendeinvolvering i et brukerperspektiv”.

Dag Øivind Antonsen has taken part in a project about user driven places/beds, resulting in the international publication “More than just a bed: mental health service users’ experiences of self-referral admission”.

Heidi Westerlund and Dagfinn Bjørgen wrote the chapter “Rollen som evaluatør med brukererfaring ” in the book “Medforskning – å forske sammen for kunnskap om psykisk helse” by Marit Borg (red.) and Kristjana Kristiansen (red.).

For a complete list of the publications KBT employees have been involved with, see “Publications”.


Course for co-researchers – User involvement in research

KBT is working together with AFFU at St. Olavs Hospital and NTNU on the course “Brukermedvirkning i forskning” [User involvement in research]. The goal is to contribute to raising the competency for potential co-researchers with user experience. The course is also offered to research fellows and scientific communities.

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