Courses for service users, relatives, service providers, peer workers and user representatives:

This courses contribute to strenghten service users, relatives, health care staff, peer workers and user representatives in working from a user perspective. 

User involvement in research – “Bruker-elf”

  • Fundamental method for you who wants to learn about user involvement in research projects (people with patient experience and use of public services)

Peer Support Specialist – Experience as a profession

  • Do you want to know more about what a peer worker does, and how peer support can make way for better services? This couse provides an understanding about how this can be done. See this years program.

Process Manager – User Interviews User

  • Here you can, as a user of health care and social services, learn an interview methodology to find out other users’ experiences.

Course for those who want a better quality of life

This are courses aimed at empowering you to become more able to handle life’s challenges in a good way.


  • For those who want better self-confidence and learning tools for life.

Selvutvikling (Indre relasjons fokusering)

  • For those who want a method for dealing with emotions, becoming more intuitive and learning to listen to the body’s signals.

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